Sun, Cicadas and Relaxation in Provence between Forcalquier and the Luberon Park

Welcome to "La ferme Savy en Luberon"

 Bienvenue à la ferme "Savy" en Luberon

Welkom bij de gîte "Savy en Luberon"

A la fermo"Savy", n'en sias toujour ravi.

Savy en Luberon has been a family farm for several centuries. We are delighted to be opening it for seasonal rental accommodation.

Located in Saint Michel l’Observatoire in the Haute Provence Alps, the farm is a haven of tranquillity.

Set in two and a half acres, the traditional local stone building can accommodate eight people.


It is not without reason that St Michel l’Observatoire was chosen as a special site for observing the sky, but the sunshine and exceptional air purity can of course be enjoyed by everyone. See spectacular shooting stars. Marvel at the comets, planets and stars of the heavenly night skies. The galaxy is within reach, from the age of eight.

Let yourself be enchanted by the song of the cicadas.

Explore the village and its monuments, the twelfth century High Church of St Michel, stroll among the old stone terraces, or take the “road of the stars” with an extraordinary view of the Forcalquier landscape, Mount Lure and the Luberon.


In the heart of the Luberon Park, near Mont Lure and the Forcalquier region, the farm is available for seasonal rental accommodation